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ATTN: Cameron Davis
PO Box 32861/MEB 163
Charlotte ,NC 28232-2861
United States of America

Residency Program Information

Program Director: Anthony L. Asher, MD, FAANS, FACS
Residency Coordinator(s):  Cameron K. Davis
Coordinator Email(s):
Coordinator Phone(s):  (704) 355-4823

PROGRAM Details:
Year Training Program Established: 2013
# of Residents per Year: 1
Number of Neurosurgical Faculty: 13
Neurosurgical Department's Annual Case: 4000
Amount of Annual Book Fund per Resident: 1900.00
Dedicated Research Time:YES
During PGY Year:PGY 6
Resident Call Responsibilities: PGY 1 call: a system of "buddy-call", transitioning to standard in house call later in the PGY-1 year PGY 2 call: approximately every 4th night. PGY 3 call: approximately every 5th night. PGY 4 call: senior (home) call every 4th night (with the exception of 2 calls in house per month) PGY 5 call: senior (home) call every 5th night ( with the exception of 1 call in house per month) PGY-6 and 7 call: cover 1-2 nights per month of ?senior-call."
Cadaver Lab: YES
How Often and What Type of Lab: Bi-annual skull base labs and quarterly dissection labs related to spine anatomy and techniques
Publication Requirement: We do not have a strict requirement in terms of papers and presentations. We expect residents to be academically active, and we not only encourage these activities but also offer research support.
Primary Training Hospital: Carolinas Medical Center
Additional Hospitals in Training Program: 1
Faculty names and specialties:
Number of Training Programs in Institution: 39

Program Philosophy: The Neurological Surgery Residency Program at Carolinas Medical Center is a subspecialty-based program designed to train skilled and compassionate neurological surgeons who aspire to assume national leadership roles in clinical innovation, medical education and neuroscience research. We aim to produce not only technically excellent neurosurgeons but also neurosurgeons who can work and communicate as part of a team, routinely approach patients and families with kindness and understanding, make good use of healthcare resources, engage in continuous self-reflection and practice improvement, and apply the latest medical evidence to help advance safety and effectiveness of care.
Outline of Rotations: Year 1: 3 months general neurosurgery, 3 months basic clinical neuroscience, 1 month endovasuclar, 2 months trauma surgery/surgical ICU, 1 month consult neurology, 1 month emergency medicine. Year 2: 4 months general neurosurgery, 3 months NSICU, 2 months elective surgical service, 3 months emergency neurosurgery/neurotrauma. Year 3: 2 months endovascular, 6 months basic spine, 4 months simple cranial. Year 4: 3 months pediatric neurosurgery, 3 months elective neurosurgical service, 6 months complex spine. Year 5: 3 months pediatric neurosurgery, 3 months longitudinal care experience, 3 months elective neurosurgical service, 3 months complex intracranial. Year 6: elective experience. Year 7: chief
Available Enfolded Fellowships: Not applicable at this time.
% OF Finishing Residents Passing ABNS Oral Exam 1st over 5 years: N/A
Last 10 Finishing Residents Initial Job/Fellowship: Not applicable. Our first resident will graduate in 2021.

Research Opportunities: We have multiple funded clinical research activities.
Research support personnel:
Research Funding/Grants:

Travel Allowance: YES
Conference Schedule: Tuesday: (3rd Tues.) Journal Club, 6:30p. Wednesdays: Brain Tumor Conf., 6:30a. Thursdays: (1st Th.) Neurorad/Neuropath/CMC Neurosciences Conf., 7am; (2nd Th.) Grand Rounds: Cranial Surgery Topic, 7am; (3rd Th.) Grand Rounds/Neurosurgery Quality Conf./M&M, 7am; (4th Th.) Joint Orth-NS Grand Rounds: Spine Topic, 6:30a. Other conferences may be attended as they align with specific neurosurgery or off-service rotations. (Example: Stroke Conference, Surgical Grand Rounds, Trauma M&M/QI Conference, etc.)

Number of Interview Sessions: 2-3
Length of Interview (Days): Dinner on the evening before interviews. Formal interviews the following day from 8a to approximately 2p.
Number of Applicants Interviewed: 22