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Residency Program Information

Program Director: Teck-Mun Soo, MD, FAANS
Residency Coordinator(s):  Lauren O'Neill
Coordinator Email(s):
Coordinator Phone(s): 

PROGRAM Details:
Year Training Program Established: 2001
# of Residents per Year: 2
Number of Neurosurgical Faculty: 26
Neurosurgical Department's Annual Case: 5000
Amount of Annual Book Fund per Resident: $1000+
Dedicated Research Time:
During PGY Year:PGY 4
Resident Call Responsibilities: Yes, no in-house call. At-home call no more than 1 in 4.
Cadaver Lab: YES
How Often and What Type of Lab: Skull base / Endoscopic, Endovascular, Spine, Brain cutting, SI Bone, PGY-3 complete a microvascular surgery course.
Publication Requirement: -Ten published manuscripts in 7 years (PMID), 1-4 PMID per year Non-PMID Scholarly Activity: -Eighty percent of residents - >1 non-PMID scholarly activity -Participate in quality improvement project -Six months protected clinical research time -Attendance at the monthly project meeting -Attendance at Journal club/Clinical methodology conference -Attendance at the neurosurgical residency research collaborative -Abstracts, posters, presentations at scientific meetings -Articles in non-peer-reviewed publications, chapters or textbooks -Grants -Active leadership in neurosurgical education (committees or governing boards, review for peer-reviewed journals)
Primary Training Hospital: Ascension Providence Hospital
Additional Hospitals in Training Program: Children's Hospital of Michigan; Detroit Receiving; Harper University Hospital
Faculty names and specialties:
Number of Training Programs in Institution:

Program Philosophy: Educate the next generation of compassionate, ethical and technically superb neurosurgeons with the character to serve your communities and the intellectual tools to critically appraise evolving knowledge for continuing improvement
Outline of Rotations: Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Endovascular, Neuropathology, Radiosurgery, Research, Vascular, Neuroradiology, Elective
Available Enfolded Fellowships: Endovascular
% OF Finishing Residents Passing ABNS Oral Exam 1st over 5 years: n/a
Last 10 Finishing Residents Initial Job/Fellowship: Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Surgery: University of California-Irvine; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Swedish Neuroscience Institute, Seattle; Neuro-oncology: University of South Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center; Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine (CAST); Endovascular Neurosurgery: University of Alabama, Birmingham; Pediatric Neurosurgery: Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto (CAST); Spinal Oncology: Johns Hopkins University Spine: University of Miami (CAST); University of Southern California-San Francisco (CAST); University of Washington, Seattle (CAST)

Research Opportunities: Please refer to our current publications:
#IRBs: 12 current IRBs
Research support personnel:
Research Funding/Grants:

Travel Allowance: YES
Conference Schedule: Please refer to our website

Number of Interview Sessions: 3
Length of Interview (Days): Full day requirement. Half of the day will be dedicated to formal interviews with the faculty and residents. The other half of the day will include a tour, a group activity, and a group interview with the Program Coordinator. Lunch will be provided.
Number of Applicants Interviewed: 30