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Residency Program Information

Program Director: Kenneth A. Follett, MD, PhD, FAANS
Residency Coordinator(s):  Kellie Michelle Devney
Coordinator Email(s):
Coordinator Phone(s):  (402) 559-9605

PROGRAM Details:
Year Training Program Established: 1993
# of Residents per Year: 2
Number of Neurosurgical Faculty: 16
Neurosurgical Department's Annual Case:
Amount of Annual Book Fund per Resident: $300
Dedicated Research Time:
During PGY Year:PGY 5
Resident Call Responsibilities: Yes, approximately once a week when not on night float.
Cadaver Lab: YES
How Often and What Type of Lab: Weekly dissection lab available every Friday. Multiple skull base labs held throughout the year. Other various cadaver labs are also conducted throughout the year.
Publication Requirement:
Primary Training Hospital: Nebraska Medicine
Additional Hospitals in Training Program: Methodist, Children's, VA
Faculty names and specialties:
Number of Training Programs in Institution:

Program Philosophy: The goal of our residency program is to provide you instruction pertaining to patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, systems-based practice, and ethical behavior that will allow you to deliver high quality neurosurgical care. Your responsibilities include participation in the patient care, service, research, and teaching missions of the University of Nebraska Department Division of Neurosurgery. We are here to assist you in reaching these goals and meeting your responsibilities. We take pride in our program, our residents, faculty, and staff. We provide high quality training in a setting that fosters excellence in patient care. Residency is a key part of training to become a neurosurgeon, but it is only the beginning of your education. Neurosurgical education is an on-going process that requires a commitment to life-long learning. We look forward to helping you build a solid foundation for your career as a neurological surgeon and also to helping you establish the good habits that will allow you to continue your neurosurgical education on a life-long basis and facilitate long-term success in your profession.
Outline of Rotations:
Available Enfolded Fellowships:
% OF Finishing Residents Passing ABNS Oral Exam 1st over 5 years: 100
Last 10 Finishing Residents Initial Job/Fellowship:

Research Opportunities:
#IRBs: 22 Current IRBs.
Research support personnel:
Research Funding/Grants:

Travel Allowance: YES
Conference Schedule: Tuesday Mornings, Neuroanatomy/Neuroradiology/Complex Spine Conference Wednesday Mornings: Grand Rounds, Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Conference, Case Conference and Special Topics. Resident Competency Conference held every 5th Wednesday of the month.

Number of Interview Sessions: 4
Length of Interview (Days): Our interviews are held on Fridays. There is a dinner with the applicants and residents the night before. Interviews start at approximately 8AM and conclude by 4PM.
Number of Applicants Interviewed: 40