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Dept. of Neurosurgery
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Residency Program Information

Program Director: Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FAANS
Residency Coordinator(s):  Kim Macon
Coordinator Email(s):
Coordinator Phone(s):  (404) 778-2190

PROGRAM Details:
Year Training Program Established: 1948
# of Residents per Year: 3
Number of Neurosurgical Faculty: 43
Neurosurgical Department's Annual Case:
Amount of Annual Book Fund per Resident: 500
Dedicated Research Time:YES
During PGY Year:PGY 5, PGY 6
Resident Call Responsibilities: Yes. The junior resident on a service is first call. Residents cover night and weekend duty on a rotating call schedule that allows for multiple days off for personal activities during each rotation and in adherence with ACGME duty hours guidelines. Emory University Hospital junior PGY2 and Grady Hospital junior residents work on a night float call system and take in-house call. Call for other services are considered at-home call.
Cadaver Lab: YES
How Often and What Type of Lab: 
Publication Requirement: At least one
Primary Training Hospital: Emory University Hospital
Additional Hospitals in Training Program: 4
Faculty names and specialties:
Number of Training Programs in Institution:

Program Philosophy:
Outline of Rotations: PGY1: Neuro-ICU (3 mos), Neurosurgery (2 mos), NS Clinic (1 mo), SRS/Radiology/Pathology/Anesthesiology (2 mos), Neuro-Ophthalmology (1 mo), Pediatric Surgery (1 mo), ENT (1 mo), Surgery ICU (1 mo); PGY-2: Neurosurgery junior rotation at Emory University Hospital (12 mos); PGY-3: Neurosurgery junior rotation at Grady Memorial Hospital (8 mos), Interventional Neuro-Radiology (4 mos); PGY-4: Neurosurgery junior rotation at Emory University Hospital - Midtown (4-8 mos), Pediatric Neurosurgery (4-8 mos); PGY-5: Research/Electives (12 mos); PGY-6: Research/Electives (12 mos); PGY-7: Neurosurgery chief rotation at Emory University Hospital (8 mos); Neurosurgery chief rotation at Grady Memorial Hospital (4 mos)
Available Enfolded Fellowships: Cerebrovascular, Functional and Stereotactic Surgery, Interventional Neuro-Radiology, Neuro-Critical Care, Neuro-Oncology, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Spine
% OF Finishing Residents Passing ABNS Oral Exam 1st over 5 years: 88
Last 10 Finishing Residents Initial Job/Fellowship: Spine Fellowship - Columbia University, NY Neuro-Oncology Practice - Piedmont Healthcare, GA Skull Base Fellowship - University of Washington Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship - Texas Children's Hospitals Cerebrovascular/Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowship - Emory University, GA Functional Neurosurgery Practice - Thomas Jefferson University, PA Pediatric Fellowship - Washington University, MO Spine Practice - Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Assoc., NC Spine Fellowship - University of Miami, FL Cerebrovascular/Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowship - Emory University, GA

Research Opportunities: Molecular neuro-oncology; Clinically related neuro-oncology; Gene and cell therapy for neuro-restoration; Cerebrovascular research; Behavioral neuromodulation; Translational Neuro-engineering
#IRBs: 29 approved clinical research studies: 13 active clinical trials, 3 registries, 10 research studies (i.e., no clinical trial component); in addition, 4 studies in submission/approval process.
Research support personnel:
Research Funding/Grants:

Travel Allowance: YES
Conference Schedule: Every Thursday, 6:30a-8:30p (Education Conference and Grand Rounds, 1 hour each)

Number of Interview Sessions: 3
Length of Interview (Days): 2
Number of Applicants Interviewed: